Healing Up Nicely!

Well, it’s been four days and my arm is doing very well. I can hold things like my phone or small coffee. But let’s be real, who drinks small coffees? Ha! As long as I keep moving and stretching it, it feels fine. It is definitely sore in the mornings. Partly because it is stiff and partly because I am more comfortable with sleeping and may have rolled on top of it. Oops!

I walked into work this morning and am planning to do so the rest of the week. I may even walk home. I am feeling a bit restless not being able to work out. So, I will walk this week. I may even hop on the bike at lunch, just to get some blood moving.

I have some pretty great people in my life. I was super nervous about going into surgery. The night before, I received several texts from people letting me know I was on their minds. Kathryn braided my hair for me the night before and again on Sunday. She offered to help with the shampoo process as well. I realize it may seem small to a lot of people, but that was really touching to me. :)

When I was deciding to have the surgery, I had a friend who had it two years ago reach out to me (Cookie). He walked me through some planning. He reminded me to have my hair braided, prep food, and plan to wear comfy clothes. The discussion with him put me at some ease and helped me with a to-do list.

Then, there is Heather M. She was really happy to give me the following card. I really appreciate the time and effort she put into making me laugh.


From Heather McNaughton.

And, of course, Stephen. He has been super helpful. He waits for me to ask for some tasks as I think he knows I can do some of them without help. Or at least I want to try. He has stepped up even more to make sure the things I can’t do yet get done. He made sure to keep my mom in the loop when I got out of surgery and got directions from Tim on post-op care.

I am looking forward to full use again, but I am taking it slow. One day at a time.

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