Verdict Is In.

I am having the surgery. I just want to get my life back a little. I am scheduled for the 09.13…the day before my birthday. :( Oh well…it’s not like I really want get another year older anyway. LOL

So, in prep for this I am one week into the Whole 30 protocol. I have had friends do it and I have heard mixed reviews. Basically, I need a food reboot. I have been struggling with how to go about eating and feeling/looking good. So, I thought I would give this a run. So far, it’s going well. And without restricting or really trying, my intake is around 1800-1900 on rest days and 2100 on training days. The breakout ends up being close to 50/25/25…which is what OPT suggested for me. Funny how it all evens out.

Speaking of OPT, he is coming here in October!!! Woo-hoo! He will be here the last weekend to run an athlete camp at CSC. Between my surgery and James, the food reboot seemed necessary. Haha. My arm should  be fully healed by the time he comes. It will be 6 weeks to the day when he pops his head in the building.

Other than food…

There is a training game plan, kind of. I will definitely not do anything the first week. My body will be stressed enough. I will just rest and perhaps walk to and from work. The second week I plan to ride the bike with no hands, walk to and from work, and drag the sled (having someone else load for me, of course.). After that, I will have to see what Tim says I can do. I am absolutely NOT rushing anything. However, I do have a few weeks until I go in…so I am having some fun with my training while I can. :)

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4 thoughts on “Verdict Is In.

    • Thanks Mel. I appreciate the offer. I might need some easy make and freeze ideas. I am planning to get some food prepped the weekend before and up to a day or so before. Let me know if you have any good ones you are willing to share. :)

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