I Couldn’t Resist

I have been making it a point lately to not try to paleoize anything and eat real food. I have been loving poached eggs, steak, fresh berries, and all the other joys that come from eating real food. However, I have been craving sandwiches lately. In particular, PB&J. It’s classic and comforting. It takes me back to hot summers in Texas. My aunt would watch me during the day and she would take us to her gym (would have been an amazing CrossFit spot). There was no air conditioning and my cousins and I were a handful, so we would hang out in the van. We would play “quiet mouse, still mouse” (my oldest cousin’s favorite game (Ha), eat PB&J on wheat bread and wash it down with warm Perrier. Those were the days…

Anyway, in honor of my childhood, I made a paleo-friendly version. And since it needed a little updating, I added bacon.


2 poached eggs and “better than PB&J”

So, I totally poached my eggs in the microwave. I can imagine some folks I know cringing when they read that, but I love poached eggs…and it worked! To poach eggs in the microwave, click HERE. So, about that “better PB&J”… I layered, starting with batter bread on the bottom, almond butter, fresh crushed raspberries (I added a little honey because mine were a little bitter), and bacon. I broke my bacon into pieces to make the bites easier. So far, one of my favorite breakfasts in a while.

As for the “bread”, the recipe only makes 6 slices (in my pan), so I can’t eat it all the time anyway. :) It’s good to have occasional treats.

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